Gllue Copilot

Gllue Copilot is not only integrated with the cutting-edge GPT-4.0 technology but also deeply embedded in the Gllue ATS system, providing an unparalleled recruitment management experience. Here are the core features and advantages of our AI assistant to help you understand how to apply it to your daily recruitment work.

Three Major Application Scenarios Covering the Entire Recruitment Process

Job Boards

When you browse candidate resumes on various job boards, Gllue Copilot can instantly generate phone interview invitations, friendly friend requests, or detailed phone communication scripts.

Job Details

On the job details, Gllue Copilot helps you quickly generate job requirement, target companies, candidate profiles, and interview questions.

Candidate Profile

Gllue Copilot can provide professional consultant comments, career development suggestions, and explanations of professional terms, helping you understand candidates more deeply.

Intelligent Prompt Words Related to Business Scenarios

We understand the uniqueness of each recruitment link, so we have encapsulated relevant prompt words in each application scenario. Users only need to click to generate content closely related to the business scenario, greatly improving work efficiency.

Multilingual Support, Covering a Wider User Group

Gllue Copilot supports a variety of language outputs, including Traditional Chinese, English, and Simplified Chinese. No matter what language you or your candidate use, you can enjoy a seamless and efficient communication experience.

Trusted by the 2,000+ recruitment firms worldwide

Gllue Copilot is your powerful assistant in intelligent recruitment, helping you save time, reduce costs, and improve recruitment efficiency and quality. Experience it now and embark on your intelligent recruitment journey!