Gllue Forecast

Gllue Forecast combines advanced technology, in-depth market understanding, and user-friendly design. Whether you are a manager or a consultant, this tool will help you better predict and plan for the future. 

Contains modern features for an enhanced experience

Improved Decision-Making Quality

With accurate forecast data, managers can make more informed decisions, such as resource allocation, budget planning, and market strategy adjustments, greatly improving the efficiency and results of the entire team.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

The allocation function of Forecast performance not only clarifies the goals and responsibilities of each member but also promotes collaboration and communication between teams. Every member can clearly understand their position and expected outcomes in the project, motivating them to work together towards the goal.

Market Trend Insights

Through the analysis of historical and current data, you can not only predict future performance but also gain insights into market trends and changes, adjusting strategies in time to seize opportunities and face challenges.

Customizable Success Rate Prediction

The Forecast management feature allows you to set manually judged success rates for projects in the backend, or automatically determine success rates based on the progress of the recruitment process. This means that you can set a more accurate success prediction rate for each project based on historical data, market conditions, and personal experience, thereby better planning resources and strategies.

Project-Level Forecast Performance Addition

Consultants can add Forecast performance to the projects they are responsible for, making the expected income and success rate of each project more clearly visible. If a project involves multiple people, this feature also supports dividing Forecast performance by participant, ensuring that the contribution and expected returns of each member are accurately reflected.

Data Analysis and Visualization

We deeply understand the importance of data, especially when formulating future plans. Therefore, the Forecast management feature provides powerful data analysis and visualization tools. You can conduct in-depth analyses based on multiple dimensions such as date, team, user, role, and client, and clearly understand the forecasting situation of each aspect through intuitive charts and reports.

Trusted by the 2,000+ recruitment firms worldwide

Whether you are formulating recruitment strategies or managing a talent pool, we believe this tool will become an indispensable assistant. Try it now and embark on your journey to efficient recruitment!