Efficiency Improvements in Each Sourcing Activity

We are committed to continuously enhancing consultants’ Sourcing efficiency through our products and technology, dedicating ourselves entirely, even if it’s just for a few seconds of improvement.

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Accompanying your Sourcing is the Gllue Waterdrop plugin

One-Click Import

Supports major job boards, enabling quick resume import with one-click.

Duplication Checking

Offers both fuzzy and precise checking modes. Fuzzy checking is based on the overall similarity of the resume text, while precise checking relies on social links, phone numbers, and email addresses.

AI Analysis

Smartly identifies highlights and potential risks within resumes. Highlights include experiences with prestigious companies, top-tier education, and management experience, while risks involve frequent job changes, recent employment, and gaps in work history.

Industry-leading talent search experience

Gllue’s talent search tool is both user-friendly and powerful, with no learning curve for quick proficiency. It assists consultants in effortlessly tapping into high-quality resources from the talent pool, integrating Gllue AI’s smart unification capabilities and offering Boolean search for advanced users.

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Features Excel-like header search capabilities

Header Search

Every consultant wishes to search their talent database as easily as they filter lists in Excel. To this end, we've implemented header search capabilities within Gllue, allowing consultants to search all fields visible in the list without getting lost in a multitude of search conditions.

Quick Search

Each recruitment firm has its own search habits based on the characteristics of their talent database. Therefore, we've introduced quick search functionality in Gllue, with support for backend customization, facilitating the seamless integration of effective search habits into users' daily routines.

Do you want to know more about talent search?

Gllue’s product design is based on an in-depth understanding of business scenarios. Welcome to try our products.

Can the Gllue Waterdrop support more Job Boards?

Yes, it's supported. If the Job Board you are using has certain commonality, we would be very happy to support duplicate checking and import for that site. Please send your request to support.asia@gllue.com, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Does Gllue support full-text search for resume attachments?

Yes, it is supported. Gllue's keyword search supports full-text search in attachments, whether your stored resumes are in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, or other languages. Gllue's built-in search engine can quickly retrieve the information you need.

Does Gllue support Boolean search?

Yes, it is supported. Boolean search is an advanced search technique based on Boolean operations. Since Boolean search has a certain learning curve, it is not the primary search method recommended by Gllue. However, Gllue's advanced search interface supports complete Boolean search capabilities, including parentheses, AND, OR, and NOT.