Gllue Mapping

To help headhunters manage candidates more efficiently and intuitively, we proudly introduce our new Mapping feature, a mind mapping tool integrated within the ATS. It not only offers functionality and interaction comparable to Xmind but also deeply integrates with our product, bringing unprecedented convenience and efficiency.

Contains modern features for an enhanced experience

Candidate Association Support

Our Mapping feature is deeply integrated with the ATS system, allowing direct association with candidates within Gllue. This means that as you create Mappings, you can directly link to detailed profiles of candidates, viewing their experiences, skills, and more key information, thereby making more precise and efficient recruitment decisions.

Permission Management

To protect your important data and information, our Mapping tool supports flexible permission management. You can set different access rights according to the needs of teams and individuals, ensuring everyone can access relevant information when needed while protecting data from unauthorized access.

Multi-Version Management

Recruitment strategies and plans often need to be adjusted and updated. Our Mapping tool supports multi-version management of documents, allowing you to easily track every change, review historical versions, and ensure the team always makes decisions based on the latest, most accurate information.

Silky User Experience

Our Mapping tool utilizes the most advanced technology and user interface design to ensure every operation is smooth and natural, just like drawing a mind map on paper. Whether you’re adding, deleting nodes, or adjusting the structure, it can be done effortlessly, making your recruitment plans and talent strategies clear at a glance.

  • Supports shortcut key operations, providing unprecedented convenience and efficiency.
  • Supports importing and exporting Xmind files, allowing you to seamlessly transfer and share data between different tools.

Independent Mapping Center Module

To make it easier for you to manage and view all Mapping files, we offer an independent Mapping Center module. Here, you can summarize and organize all the Mapping files within the system, quickly find the information you need, and improve work efficiency.

  • Each Mapping file can be associated with a company or project.
  • Each node within the Mapping file can be linked to a candidate.

Trusted by the 2,000+ recruitment firms worldwide

Whether you are formulating recruitment strategies or managing a talent pool, we believe this tool will become an indispensable assistant. Try it now and embark on your journey to efficient recruitment!