Security First, Excellence Trusted

In the digital era, data and system security are of paramount importance to business operations. We understand that as a headhunting ATS SaaS product, besides providing an efficient and accurate recruitment solution, ensuring the security of customer data and the reliability of our system is our primary task. Thus, we have made comprehensive and deep investments and improvements in system and data security, in addition to continuously optimizing functions and user experience. 

Comprehensive Security Features Support

The integration of these features constructs a multi-level, comprehensive security defense system, ensuring that your data and systems are tightly protected at every link.

Two-Factor Authentication

Provides an additional layer of security for system login, significantly enhancing account safety.

Password Policy

Ensures users set up complex and secure passwords.


Protects company and candidate documents from unauthorized sharing.

Access Restrictions

Prevents malicious attacks and ensures stable system operation.

Browser Fingerprinting

Prevents unauthorized access by identifying users' devices and browsers.

Extensive User Activity Logs

Records detailed user operations for auditing and anomaly detection.

Continuous Security Updates and Monitoring

In terms of security, we never settle. Our team continuously monitors the latest security trends, regularly updates the system, and applies patches to guard against emerging threats. At the same time, our monitoring system operates around the clock, detecting and responding to any suspicious activities in real-time, ensuring uninterrupted protection.

ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

Gllue has obtained ISO/IEC 27001 certification, an international standard for information security management systems. This means our security management measures, risk controls, and compliance have met international standards, effectively protecting customer data from threats and breaches. This certification is the best testament to our commitment to security and a guarantee you can trust.

Top Security Score on SecurityScorecard

Among similar products, our security score on SecurityScorecard ranks first. This scoring system evaluates various aspects, including network security, IP reputation, and risk of information leakage, to comprehensively reflect the security status of our system. A high score means that we are leading in the industry, providing you with a safer and more reliable recruitment platform.

Professional Security Service Team

We have a professional security service team with deep technical expertise and extensive industry experience. They are always ready to provide you with security consultations, customized solutions, and support for emergency situations. Working with us means you have a robust security backup.

The headhunting ATS SaaS product of Gllue not only meets your functional needs but also provides unparalleled security protection. Choosing us means choosing a reliable, professional, and trustworthy partner. We look forward to working with you to create a secure and reliable future together.