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Data migration is an essential process when switching to Gllue. Our expert team, having successfully delivered nearly a thousand data migration projects, will ensure a worry-free and secure transition through the entire process.

Preparations Before Data Migration

Data Review

Our expert team will collaborate with clients to assess the format, quality, and complexity of existing data to ensure consistency and completeness during the migration process.

Data Backup

All data will be fully backed up prior to migration. This step is crucial to prevent any accidental data loss during the migration.

Security Considerations

All data will be transmitted using end-to-end encryption to ensure its security and privacy throughout the migration process.

Field Mapping

Map each field in the existing system’s modules to corresponding fields in the Gllue system, ensuring data is accurately migrated to the correct location.

Data Importing

Safely import cleaned and transformed data into the new system.

Data Cleansing

Identify and correct or delete erroneous, incomplete, or duplicate data to ensure the accuracy and high quality of the data.

Data Migration Process

Verification and Testing

Data Integrity Check

After data migration, we will conduct multiple checks to ensure all data has been correctly migrated without any omissions.

Performance Testing

Comprehensive performance testing will be carried out to ensure the new system’s response speed and stability while processing the migrated data.


Q. Will the data migration process affect our daily operations?

Our goal is to minimize any disruption to your daily operations. Usually, we conduct data migrations during off-peak hours or scheduled maintenance windows. We also work closely with your team to ensure the migration plan aligns with your business needs and timelines.

Q. Will data migration result in data loss?

We follow strict data migration protocols and backup measures designed to prevent data loss during the migration. Before starting the migration, we perform comprehensive data backups and continuously monitor and verify data integrity throughout the migration process.

Q. How can I be sure my data is secure after migration?

Data security is our top priority. We use encryption technologies to protect your data and adhere to stringent security protocols during the migration. After the migration, we conduct thorough security audits and tests to ensure the safety of your data in the new environment.

Q. How will you handle any issues that arise during the migration process?

We have detailed contingency plans for addressing any issues that might arise during the migration. This includes immediate response from our technical support team and data backup restoration if necessary. Our aim is to ensure a smooth migration process with minimal impact on your business.

Q. How do we learn to use the new system after data migration?

  • Post-migration, we provide comprehensive training and support to help your team get acquainted with the new system. Our training includes online tutorials, documentation, and on-site training if needed. Additionally, our customer support team is always ready to answer any questions you may have.

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