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Our customer success service focuses on providing personalized training and support, ensuring that clients maximize their use of our ATS SaaS product. We offer detailed product usage guidance, best practices for features, and relevant usage data analysis, all aimed at ensuring that clients receive continuous product value and an enhanced experience throughout their usage.

Customized Training and Coaching

  • We offer tailored onboarding training for each client, ensuring your team fully understands and effectively utilizes our ATS SaaS product.
  • Our team of experts designs personalized training programs based on your specific needs and business processes, to ensure your team can quickly get up to speed and improve work efficiency.

Product Utilization

Product Roadmap Updates

Regularly providing updates on the product development roadmap to keep you informed about upcoming new features and improvements.

Value of Product Features

In-depth analysis of how each product feature can positively impact your business, helping you maximize your return on investment.

Frequently used features

Offering detailed guidance on the most frequently used features to ensure you can fully leverage these to enhance recruitment efficiency.

Active Users Analysis

Monitoring and analyzing the behavior of the most active users to provide customized recommendations that help improve the entire team’s product usage efficiency.

Support Overview

Tickets Open/Closed Status

Real-time tracking of the opening and closing status of support tickets to ensure all issues are resolved promptly.

Priority Classification

Differentiating between Priority 1 and Priority 2/3 cases based on the urgency of the case to optimize processing time and efficiency.

Average Case Close Time

Monitoring and reporting the average case handling time to continuously improve our response speed.

Tracking of Outstanding Issues

Regularly providing detailed reports on unresolved issues to ensure transparency and seek effective solutions.

Analytics and Benchmarking

Recruitment Metrics and Analysis

Providing in-depth recruitment metrics and analysis to help you evaluate recruitment efficiency and improve strategies.

Industry Benchmark Reports

Regularly offering detailed benchmark reports compared to industry standards, giving you an insight into your performance in the industry.

Success Case Sharing

Sharing successful case studies to demonstrate how recruitment goals can be achieved with our product.

Best Practices Guide

Offering insights and guidelines on industry best practices to help you optimize your recruitment process and enhance the experience for clients and candidates.

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